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Good Company on a journey make the way seem shorter - Izaak Watson

Bibieandrea Services Venture is borne out of scientific research study and it is a registered business name in Nigeria. It is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2018. The Business Number is BN 2592238. We are in the Training and Education Sector. Through our training program, we improve lives by 30% and help people realize the fullness of their potential through our mentoring, counselling and coaching programs.

Our Mission and Goal: Bibieandrea Services Venture’s mission is to keep striving to promote and build a healthy foundation for students, job seekers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. in her community and beyond by creating employment and quality educational opportunity for the people.

Our Services: Bibieandrea Services Venture is into Education and Training and we train and
develop peoples skills to enable them to become better persons in their community and society at large.

Our Impact: Since its inception in 2018, Bibieandrea Services Venture has successfully trained and equipped 150 plus people onsite in the following field:
1. Business and Entrepreneurship: Skill Acquisition Training
2. Developing your Negotiation Skill
3. Developing yourself both personally and professionally
4. Ways to finding and securing a job fast and 5. Leadership Training

Also, we have trained 500 plus individuals through our social media platforms and helped 20 persons secure a job position through our constant job posting and career training in our social media channels.

Benefits & Scalability: Our initiative has benefited professionals, small businesses/organisations, students (secondary/tertiary), youths, job seekers, prospective and existing entrepreneurs, individuals, mothers/adults regardless of age,
colour, race, religion and gender promoting cultural diversity and inclusive society. 

We, at Bibieandrea Services Venture, believe that education unlocks so many potentials, it brings about social change and enterprise and it is the foundation for breaking the barriers of ending the process of gender inequality and promoting cultural diversity. By providing access to affordable quality education, the people can be more educated in their community and society; thereby creating more educative community and people for a more mechanized future.

Slogan: We dare to be different by being the change that inspires others.

The search for greatness lies in realizing the fullness of your potential (B.N.I).

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