Critical Elements to being an Effective Leader Aside Communication

Written by Blessing Ikiseh | June 26, 2018

Communication as one of the keys to effective leadership is not only the necessary criteria for being an effective leader.


Leadership learning is another factor effective and great leaders need to understand. As people, we can learn by insight, by doing and by sharing. Constant learning is a very critical ingredient to becoming a great and effective leader. According to Britt (2018), people learning can mean learning about their job roles, employees, their leadership qualities and their environment.

Second, another factor necessary for being an effective leader aside from communication is the act of welcoming and/or entertaining feedback. As the popular saying goes “No man is an island” the same is true for being an effective leader.

Leadership effectiveness starts with harnessing the habit of welcoming feedbacks from people. These people can be your employees, friends and family, etc. By forming the habit of entertaining feedback you are one step ahead of being a great leader. Employing other person’s opinion will bring about team sharing and shared leadership, transparent and open participation and above all, collaborative learning.

Finally, as leaders and/or emerging leaders, constant learning either self-taught, through e-learning, counselling/mentoring/coaching/training and the inherent attitude of welcoming open collaboration and idea sharing are also a necessary criterion to being an effective leader and, in turn, a great step to becoming great leaders.


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