About Us

Bibieandrea Services Venture was found in 2018 and is into Education and Training of job seekers, students (both secondary and tertiary), prospective and existing entrepreneurs and professionals promoting innovation, collaboration and solutions by addressing the problem that arises from unemployment and poor quality education in her community. Our mission is to give more out of school children in rural/peri-urban community access to quality education. This project is providing the tuition fees to further 2 out of school children education annually in the rural/peri-urban community in Nigeria. Also, our mission is to decrease the unemployment rate of Nigerian graduates. This initiative has committed to training at least 300 youths annually in her community and beyond. Since its launch, Bibieandrea has successfully supported 2 out of school children education in rural/peri-urban community in Nigeria, one of whom is David a 14-year-old out of school from South-West Nigeria and Cynthia a 15-year-old from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Recognized by the Honor Society Organization, U.S.A. in 2018 for her Community Service, this initiative has successfully trained and impacted up to 150 persons onsite and 500 individual virtually and secured a job for 20 people through her constant job posting, mentoring and coaching programmes, by empowering youths with the necessary tools to grow and develop in their respective fields of choice.

We dare to be different by being the change that inspires others!